Corporate Governance

Gold standard corporate governance is what holds us in good stead with our customers, investors and all stakeholders. At A&A, we are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct, integrity and financial stewardship.

The Internal Control System at A&A comprises of rules, procedures and organizational structures designed to ensure transparency in operations. We strive to create an ecosystem of inclusive growth, stakeholder trust & confidence and meaningful social action.

The salient features of our internal control are:

  • The efficiency and transparency of the company’s processes
  • The reliability and integrity of financial and management information
  • Safeguarding of the company’s assets
  • Compliance by the business with legislation, regulations and company’s guidelines

It is the endeavour of all concerned parties, especially our management to enshrine the salient features set forth herewith in the day-to-day operations/decision making of the company.

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