AABC Case Studies
Driving sales and behavior: AP Fabrics

This client is into manufacturing of fabrics, catering to the rising demands of the garment sector and offers a wide range of fabrics in both standard and customized finishes. They are reckoned as a top-notch manufacturer of various fabrics like knitted, viscose, cotton, polyester cotton, Lycra, spandex, polar, anti-pilling, and sueding. The company sources yarn as raw material from Reliance.

The situation:

There were two challenges. For one, the percentage margins in sales were very low and the count of agents and traders were very low. Secondly, the supervisory team was not at all aligned towards organization goals and was not handling their roles and responsibilities with maturity.

AABC solution:

Our consulting team worked towards resolving the first issue. They analyzed the existing sales process and the nature of agents and traders involved with the organization. They suggested the client to initiate the On-line Client Acquisition model and recruited a competent person for the task. This step helped the client in acquiring new targets and agents and also contributed towards lead generation. Moreover, the A&A consultants worked on a strategy for higher margins with AR terms and conditions. At present, the client is getting business from both the new and old line of Agents/Traders with higher margins. Thirdly, the consulting team also hired a sales executive in order to enhance the client’s sales penetration for untapped markets.

To provide good work hygiene among the Team the consultants implemented basic HR policies in the organization. The Leave and Attendance Policy have helped in creating staff decorum. Additionally, JDs and What Lists for all employees were defined by the consultants to create accountability for staff members and thereby align the employees with the organization goal. These steps have resulted in M-o-M growth of the business of 12%+ and YTD growth of 18%.

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