The consulting methodology followed by AABC is practical and proven. In every consulting product across all practices, we do the following six things:

Consultant Visits

In every consulting product a consultant is mapped to a client. All consulting products have different set of commitments (number of visits) by the mapped consultant in the client’s business.

Scope of Work (SOW)

Each consulting product has a defined SOW, which the consultant with the help of Principal Consultant and Subject Matter Experts (S.M.E) implements in the client’s business.

Employee Training

To implement the doables in client’s business, the employees of the client need to be trained. That’s why in each consulting product we have defined number of employee trainings wherein the mapped consultant delivers pre-defined content.

Month Plan and Review

Every consulting product has a clear objective: consulting effectiveness should be measurable. We give a month plan to our clients which covers the number of doables that will be implemented in a particular month. We further give a review report before the 10th of every month on the last month’s plan to compare what we had committed in the last month plan with what has been actually achieved. The gaps and delays in the SOW deliverables are analysed and corrected.

Growth Multiplication Meetings (GMM)

In every consulting product, we assist our clients to exchange resources through networking opportunities with other SME owners. We facilitate this through a platform called Growth Multiplication Meetings (GMM).

SME Owner Training

In every consulting product, the consulting methodology also takes into consideration that SME Owners must update and upgrade their knowledge. Thus we train the each SME owner once every 3 months so that they get equipped with new technology, new knowledge in all areas of their business and beyond.

The consulting methodology has been designed after doing exhaustive research by team AABC in the last six years. Key challenges of SME businesses have been studied in detail by the research and S.M.E. team and solutions developed have proven to be effective and practical.

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