Majority of businesses do not work on one principle called ‘sense of urgency’. AABC strongly believes that things don’t happen on time in most organizations. At times, performing tasks is not important, doing tasks in a timely manner is important. Sense of urgency for A&Aites means walking fast, moving fast, deciding fast, closing deals fast, bringing a sense of urgency in their overall body language. Through this one principle, AABC breeds a culture of SPEED in business.


For any consulting company, developing its people is crucial. AABC learning and development department works throughout the year to make the employees better at their work and train them to become experts in their respective roles. The department conducts training need analysis, designs modules on technical areas and conducts learning sessions periodically to drive employees to achieve more and become successful. AABC’s focus on learning and development doesn’t end here. The company has built a robust knowledge repository called ‘knowledge bank’ where research reports, industry insights, blogs and tomes of other business knowledge is stored.

Financial Growth

If our vision says we exist to assist individuals and organizations to grow, this applies to our people first. We always ask ourselves – are our people growing? Are consultants growing? Are sales people growing? Are the department heads growing? If they do not grow with us, they will not put their best or they will leave the organization. That’s why we align employee's goals, clients’ goals and organization’s goals. When employees help clients achieve their goals, the organization grows. And when organization grows, employees grow. Based on this best practice, our HR team and research team have designed an employee benefit programme where we have ‘22 employee benefits’ package, over and above salary. LTIP, Gym memberships, birthday and anniversary gifts to employees, ‘on-time every time’ rewards etc are part of the benefits.


Our research says when people act, their state of mind impact the output they produce. If they are acting from a happy emotional state, the output will be better. If they act out of an emotionally disgusting state, the same disgust will reflect in their work. That’s why Masti is very integral to our organization. We believe that whether one is taking an interview, reviewing a client’s business or going out for a sales pitch, if she/he is operating from an emotionally happy state, the outcome of that task is bound to be better. At AABC, we want people to work out of an happy state, have masti and celebrations. That’s why we breed a culture of masti in the organization for better, productive output.

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