A&A Business Consulting Celebrates Entrepreneurs Day, Reaches Out to 100 MSME for Conducting Employee Development Program


In recognition of the contribution of the MSME sector towards the growth of the country, A&A Business Consulting Celebrated Entrepreneurs’ Day on 5th January. A&A Business Consulting is a frontrunner in the MSME consulting space across the country. MSME business owners across India celebrated the Entrepreneurs’ Day along with their employees. As a gesture of goodwill, A&A’s team of trainers and consultants conducted training on ‘professionalism at workplace’ at the offices of more than a 100 companies from various industries such as textile, pharmaceutical, automotive, engineering and food to name a few. The training sessions covered approximately 3,000 employees at MSME companies based in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Indore, Ludhiana, Hyderabad, Raipur and Delhi. The mega-events were based around the theme ‘catalyzing a cultural shift at workplaces’.

Every year, A&A Business Consulting encourages entrepreneurs to observe 5th January as Entrepreneurs’ Day as a recognition of their efforts and valuable contribution towards the nation’s commerce and economy. During the course of the day, the entire workforce takes the pledge to work in a unified direction in alignment with the company’s vision.

Commenting on the impact MSMEs create, Chairman of A&A Business Consulting, Mr. Pravin Daryani said, “MSMEs create employment for 120 million people in India, which is more than the total population of GermanyMalaysia and Singapore combined. They contribute 38% of the overall GDP of India (approximately Rs. 54,450 crores) which is more than the total GDPs of BangladeshPakistan, and Sri Lanka put together. MSMEs are progressive because they are already walking on the path of progress. We want to make them realize their might and how they can influence commerce, economy, and the entire ecosystem. Entrepreneurs’ Day celebrates their existence.”

In the past decade, India has seen a burgeoning increase in the number of businesses and a paradigm shift in people’s attitude towards business. The MSMEs, although largely unorganized, form an indispensable part of the country’s business landscape. They need immediate recognition from the populace that has benefitted much from their business activities.

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