These are the real challenges of SMEs. Not what you know.


There is a lot of content that float around on the internet on the real challenges of Small and Medium Enterprises in India. Most of it revolves around sales challenges or making profits in business. Or at best difficulty in finding talented professionals to work for their business.

True, these are the some of the challenges that SMEs in India face and A&A Consulting has been solving these for them for years now.

But what makes A&A stand out as a consultant for SMEs is that our solutions go much deeper than what’s there in the surface level. We understand what SMEs need to do to not even face the challenges mentioned above.

So let’s look at some of the deep-rooted challenges which no SME expert or sales consultants can address:

  1. Tax and Non – tax compliances challenges
  2. Attracting and Interviewing qualified professionals
  3. Guidance on compliances and government regulations
  4. The sales strategy that works for the small business
  5. Organizing SME business
  6. SME entrepreneur skill building

Look out in the market before coming to us. We guarantee you will be hard-pressed to find any experts, coach or entrepreneurs who can solve the above challenges. Even if someone claims to be solving these issues in business, we recommend you take their solutions and compare with ours by having a discussion with our consultant. You will be surprised and pleasantly contended that you met us.

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