Why We Fail to Communicate in Business?

A great organization first exists in the dream of a great visionary. This transference from dream to reality does not happen if this vision is not shared. How to share it—how to unerringly make several people see what you see and work towards it? Through effective communication. What will take your company to the highest level? Money? No. Skill, Employees, Assets? No, no, no. COMMUNICATION will get your organization to dazzling heights! Your employees are not Gods, and neither are you. So your ideas and thoughts will not be known to your employees and vice versa if there is no communication between you all, or it is not clear enough.

The employees in your organization are led by directives, and perform efficiently when they clearly know what they have to do. Their roles in the bigger picture must also be told to them. You would say ‘I abide by all the rules of effective communication.’ Have you communicated all your organizational objectives to your employees? These objectives concern them as much as they mean to you. Also, keep in mind that merely communicating the words won’t necessarily communicate the spirit. Your action should validate what you say!

Make sure your communication is so clear that others can see your vision and share your dream and work towards its fulfillment. Tell them to think and they’ll innovate, tell them to work and they’ll fight, tell them to move forward and they’ll march, but first tell them why. Make it a practice to convey important directives through written communication as it is more comprehensive and precise, and serves as a record and reference for the future.

It goes without saying that you need to communicate well with your customers too, they’re the ones who bring profits. Why should they? Communicate your company’s service to them, the hard-work, the innovations, the dedication, etc. But don’t make it sound sappy, they may think you’re bluffing.

A customer can be the most untrusting person you’ll ever come across. He has a right to be as he is giving you his money in exchange for something he may not be fully aware of. This means that his trust is founded only on how the company communicates with him.

Communication is not only about telling, but also about asking. It includes getting customer’s feedback on products, services, after-sales services, delivery, and a host of other business activities.

How many times have you enquired your customers about the usefulness of your products? Have you surveyed about the customers’ perception of your business identity? How can you know if you don’t ask? You won’t get answers unless you ask. When are we going to learn to communicate?

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