Technology @ AABC

A&A Business Consulting lays a lot of stress on technology’s role in managing its business. We are committed to leveraging technology to provide automation in the most pragmatic manner. Process orientation at AABC is facilitated with constantly evolving IT systems. Providing information that is timely, accurate and complete is the hallmark of IT at AABC. We continuously conduct gap analyses to ensure seamless service delivery so as to optimize operations and efficiency. We recognize the importance of information security as it is all about protecting corporate assets, complying with regulations, surviving unusual events and meeting contractual obligations. The technology initiatives at AABC are supported by an IT team that partners with some of the best IT service providers and product vendors to ensure a consistent

experience to all stakeholders through contemporary processes and procedures for all facets of IT development, implementation, management and support. We stay committed to leveraging cutting edge technologies to continuously fuel our growth ambitions and manage them effortlessly. Through our IT consulting practice, we also design, develop and manage ERP systems and mobile applications for our clients.

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