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A&A Business Consulting (AABC) is India’s leading consulting company for Small and Medium Enterprises. Founded in 2009, AABC has completed 1500 full-fledged consulting projects assisting businesses achieve organised growth. We have presence in 7 states across India with a network of 18000+ SMEs. Our team of 300+ professionals serves clients from industries as diverse as textiles, machine tools, apparel, agriculture, engineering, chemicals, food processing, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, telecom, education, BFSI, automobile, construction & infrastructure and FMCG.

We have six different consulting practices namely, Sales (Business), Finance, Branding, Human Resources, Information Technology and Operations (Business Processes). Our team of 100+ consultants with varied industry expertise are backed by Subject Matter Experts (S.M.E.) team. Together, they are responsible for bringing measurable changes to clients’ businesses.

All consulting products across all practices are researched and developed by the AABC Product Research and Development (PRD) team.

The team conducts primary research to understand the challenges of SME businesses and then develops products based on research findings and client feedback. The solutions provided through these products are made-to-measure for SMEs, irrespective of their size or magnitude of business challenges they face.

The consulting methodology followed by the company is unique. We map a consultant to a particular client, finalize the scope of work (SOW) and commit implementation of the SOW at the client’s business. We also train clients’ employees to make them more productive and evolve into better professionals. Further, we create networking opportunities for our group of clients where they generate and exchange resources with each other. Lastly, we train our clients (SME Owners) on various aspects of business thereby enhancing their knowledge and widening their business perspective. This culminates into an effective implementation of SOW committed at the start of the project.

At AABC, our vision is to assist individuals and organizations to GROW. Remaining rooted to our vision, we completed assisting 1239 businesses grow financially in March 2018. We are working towards our next mission of assisting 2020 businesses grow financially by 31st March 2020. We can foresee the change we want to bring in the SME sector in India. We want to craft the financial destinies of millions of SMEs by assisting them grow in an organized way.

Come, let us grow your business together!

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