AABC Case Studies
Overseas Expansion

The client is into manufacturing of machineries and moulds and is an established business in India.

The situation:

The client is into manufacturing of machineries and moulds. He wanted to expand his business in the overseas market but his attempts were not successful. He had done some research through an external agency and was confident that his products have a huge market in the South African market. He wanted A&A to help penetrate the market.


“What are some economic ways to expand your business into overseas market?
How to expand your reach into overseas market without developing physical presence?”

AABC solution:

On analyzing the situation, our implementors saw that the client was selling only through offline media and is yet to explore the e-commerce avenue. When he is targeting the overseas market, it is very essential to set up an online platform. We advised the client to develop a company website and to register in all important online ecommerce sites. We created a dynamic responsive website and hired a resource to monitor and promote the products in the website and social media. In the course of three months, there was good traction from overseas market that included South Africa and data suggeted that 32% of the total orders for that quarter were being booked online.

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