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Manisha Textiles: Bringing operational efficiency through processes

The client is a major textile manufacturer of Grey Fabrics. He operates out of Kalyan city’s Saravali region.

The situation:

The client was involved in day-to-day business administration due to which he could not focus on core business functions like Finance and Sales. There was no reporting structure in place, work was not mapped to employees in the company. Lack of processes led to delays in decision-making. It affected all aspects of the business. It became a business imperative to address these issues. This is where AABC consultant came to the client’s rescue.

AABC solution:

After reviewing the client’s business situation, AABC consultant prepared the organization chart and business cycle for the client’s company. Organogram helped the client identify the various decision makers in his company. The respective department leaders were empowered to take decisions. What lists and Goal sheets were created to make them accountable. Our consultant created a business work cycle in consultation with the client. Once work was mapped to each and every employees, department-wise, the client came out of all non-revenue generating activities and could focus now on the core business areas.

Once reporting structure was in place, our consultant prepared the Business Strategy Sheet (Strategy for FY 2018-19) for the client’s company. He conducted an outstation review meeting with company’s department leaders. They were responsible for creating and implementing the strategies of their respective departments. Furthermore, our consultant also defined targets for company’s respective department leaders. It motivated them to achieve daily, weekly and monthly targets. Daily reports were generated and submitted to Director of the company.

Today, the company is a process-driven one and operational efficiency has improved. They are well-placed to go onto autopilot mode.

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