AABC Case Studies
Brand Identity

Our client - a top name in the Furniture market wanted more recognition and farther awareness about the business.

The situation:

Although the business was doing well, the company didn’t have a professional outlook towards business. They lacked branding. When we took rein and initiated a major positioning exercise, we were taken by surprise at the first instance realizing that its brand name was not even legally registered as per the Trademark Act. On further research about his competitors, we came to know that one of the key competitors had already applied for the same brand name.


How do you maneuver through the legal implications of creating a brand existence and develop a business identity ?

AABC solution:

As the competitor had not officially changed the name of business yet, we assumed that his application was still changing bureaucratic desks. We acted on behalf of our client, took legal counsel and applied for a trademark registration of the name. We were swift with the follow-up and filings, and were able to get the name registered before our client’s competitor.

It was due to our alacrity and alertness that our client could get legal rights to own and use the name that had carried immense goodwill in the market for years. The client was also saved from the costs of a potential trademark lawsuit that it would have likely filed if its competitor had got the name trademarked. The client can now legally use the name in the branding and advertising mix; these initiatives were also brought into practice as part of our consulting services.

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