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Q. How can IILD help me?

: Amit jain | : 2018-01-30 | : BusinessCoachingBusinessConsultingGrowthProfitIncreasesales

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IILD can help you take your business to the next level. Right from defining the vision, mission, and values of your company to assisting you in setting up the standard policies and compliances, we can help you out with almost every business aspect. Most importantly, we give you a revenue-growth guarantee in writing before you enroll in our training program.

Till date, we have trained more than 8500 entrepreneurs and have received amazing feedback for having assisted them in boosting their business-revenue.

In case you want to know in detail about our products, you can get in touch with our team at the time of your convenience.

Q. How do I save more on taxes?

: Mukesh | : 2017-12-06 | : TaxTaxationBusinessSavingsProfitandLoss

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Similarly, like the working capital exercise, the tax planning has to do on a monthly basis. A Profit & Loss statement with a combination of actuals till date and projections for the balance period will help determine the tax liability at the end of the period. Basis this you can plan for prepone /postpone the expense/income or look for other avenues of tax saving.  

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