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Q. Can I expand my business with 5 % of gross margin.

: Amit jain | : 2017-12-24 | : BusinessgrowthAccountReceivables

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Yes, you can

1. If the Indirect expense is not high, you can expect a margin up to 2-3 %

2. For a volume-based business, if you wish to earn 2-3 crore, then you need to focus on doing a business of at least 100 crores.

3. You highly need to take care of Account Receivables, it has to be on time or before time, have a proper follow-up mechanism on AR.

Q. How can I attract angel investor or venture capitalist for my project or government entrepreneur cell for raising capital.

: Sahil sahu | : 2017-12-20 | : InvestingFinanceFundingCapitalInvestorsBusinessGrowth

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Hi Sahil.

Any early-stage investment is dependent on 3 factors.

1. The idea, which is supposed to be disruptive, scalable and making a difference.

2. The team - most important factor. Members with differing and varied skill sets especially the founders make a big impact. Pedigree (IITs and IIMs) have a higher chance of being funded since they are safer bets for investors.

3. Business Plan - encompassing all important aspects of business viz. business model, problem statement, addressable market and potential, modalities, competition and lastly a 5-year financial plan. Needless to mention the founders need to be super patient, persistent and passionate since raising funds is a long drawn process. You will need to make multiple pitches over time and wait for that one person who will believe in you and your idea. When that happens, your aha!! the moment will arrive



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