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Q. How to manage man power(Blue collar)?

: Ganesh | : 2017-12-05 | : HumanResourceHRPeopleManagementHiring

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Managing blue collared manpower calls for a specific skill set. You need to understand is that your strength to manage the blue collared..if the answer is no, you need to have people who can handle the ego and optimise the productivity. Hire skilled supervisor to manage blue-collar employees and no direct engagement with blue-collar employees by an entrepreneur.


Q. How to take my fear for loosing an employee?

: Ryan | : 2017-12-05 | : HumanResourceHRSkillsDevelopmentEmployeeManagementBusiness

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Instead of fear of loosing an employee, think about how to retain an employee and make them productive. Attrition is part of the business and there should be no fear. Having said this, it is important to assess reasons for attrition, have interventions in place to minimise attrition.

Q. What is haq hai?

: Nilesh Pisal | : 2017-12-04 | : haq haihaq

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Do they have a knowledge base where you can find answers to common problems? Will a support team be available to assist you, whether it’s by phone, email or live chat support? Make sure you’ll have help when you need it.

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