Importance of Review in Sales Department for SMEs


Any business, irrespective of its scale, cannot succeed in the long run if its daily sales activities are not reviewed from time-to-time. It is especially true for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Let’s first understand the meaning and importance of review in the sales department.

A review is the orderly recall of past information in summary form for its reassessment. It helps to identify and resolve the sales related challenges faced by SMEs. Suppose you are a business owner confronted by challenges in sales. Your business would immensely benefit if you understand the pivotal role of review in the sales department.

Today, the Indian business landscape has become fiercely competitive. Research suggests that nearly 45% of SMEs have little chance of succeeding in achieving their sales objectives without proper implementation of sales strategy. However, this can be addressed with timely strategic inputs and supervision by your top management.

Usually, the best sales organizations have sales departments with strong leaders at the helm. They employ their experiences to provide the strategic direction and coach team members individually. Most importantly, they know how to keep their team members focused on achieving the company’s annual sales objectives. So, it becomes a business imperative that your top management devises the sales roadmap and monitors the execution of the sales strategy by the sales manager and sales executives. Whenever there is any deviation in execution, your top management can immediately intervene and quickly resolve it. This will keep your company on course to achieve the annual sales objectives.

Thomas Edison had famously quipped, “Vision without execution equals hallucination.” Indeed, the best of strategies fall apart if they are not properly implemented. Research suggests that approximately 61% of sales executives admit their sales managers lack adequate sales training in pipeline management strategies and techniques, which leads to loss of sales and waste of efforts.

This can be avoided only when the sales department review is conducted by your top management to identify and resolve the challenges faced by your company. Ultimately, a timely review in sales department helps your company mitigate sales related challenges and clock exceptional growth.

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