5 ways you can bring the best out of your employees

An age-old problem for many companies has been, “How can we utilize our human resources to their full potential?” I guess they can start with not treating them as just ‘resources’. They are people, and people need some kind of motivation to ‘do things’; motivation over and above monetary incentives.

Here are 5 ways to bring out the best in your employees, and benefit your company in the process:

Define roles and communicate the same to them very clearly

Who does what’ – have a clearly defined role and a set of responsibilities that each role is responsible for. It is a practice, especially among Indian companies, to load employees with tasks that are not relevant to what their job requires. Work efficiency can be achieved when people are made to work only within their defined roles. Not only this, clarity in communication of who is responsible for what is also the job of the company. Often, the reason for problems in work efficiency is the company’s misallocation of work and not the fault of employees.

Give them a liberal and creative work culture


To repeat what I said before, an employee is not just a ‘resource’. Allot work and leave; let them manage the work in their own way. They may come up with interesting and more beneficial processes outside the scope defined by the company. Make sure the work environment gives way to imagination and new ideas. Arrange for them to play games like darts or carrom in intervals so that they can de-stress. Encourage discussions on new ideas that can help your company. You will have better results, and they will have more reasons to come to work every day and give their best.


Train them to improve their individual skills and output

Who doesn’t want to grow in his individual pursuits? They all want to grow, and if you help them in any way, they will be forever thankful to you. You can arrange for trainings (online or live) to help them improve their individual skills. You can also fund their courses outside office. In the end, they will be better at their work and your company will get value addition in whatever is finally delivered.

Make sure their performance is measured, and reward them


Measuring performance is another very sensitive issue in Indian corporates. Some companies do not have any measuring systems at all, while others have highly quantitative and cold measuring criteria. Have a robust performance measuring system, with equal importance on quality and quantity of work. Ensure that your employees are evaluated without bias and are rewarded fairly.

Train them on soft skills

Soft skills are very desirable in employees today. Things like professional behaviour, effective written and spoken communication, business etiquette, etc., add immense value to what an employee can contribute to the company’s growth. So, employ the services of a soft-skills trainer and get your workforce trained. Some companies also hire a permanent L&D resource to train employees on these skills.

Apply these five things in your office and see the difference. In the end, the employer-employee relationship should be much more than a mere service-money exchange. In all cases, the company and the employee are both indispensable to each other. So, it should be a relationship of appreciative pats and dedicated affection, of mutual respect and open thankfulness.

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