‘Recruiting the Right Talent’ – A Point of Discussion during the Recent GMM.

10th October 2017The GMM meeting was conducted at the ‘Fortune Park Lake City’. During the meeting the participants got an opportunity to network and interact with other entrepreneurs. Let’s have a look at what the meeting was all about.

Entrepreneurs are often busy working on strategies that can help them grow their business further. However, rarely do they get an opportunity to interact with their fellow entrepreneurs. As a result, they tend to lose several opportunities that are most likely to further enhance their business growth. With an Intention to help entrepreneurs network better and achieve the most desired growth, the Indian Institute of Learning and Development organizes a Growth Multiplication Meeting (GMM) every two months. So, what was the recent GMM all about? Let’s find out.

A perfect opportunity to network

Although a busy schedule tends to interrupt their social engagement activities, entrepreneurs are always on a lookout for ways that can help them better understand other entrepreneurs and their businesses. But rarely do they find it benefiting, as the network formed isn’t strong enough to make way for further business growth. GMM, on the other hand, helps entrepreneurs build a network that offers them future growth opportunities. It is platform for group review and parallel growth opportunities through networking and business alliances. During the meet, entrepreneurs interact with each other and understand prospects of further growth. They are introduced to other businesses that, in turn, can enhance the growth of their own business.

Strong Participation

In all, 46 entrepreneurs from the city were present at the GMM. Some of the top companies that participated included Shanti Industries, Kumbh Masala, Kalpana Polymer, Gebi Products and Charliee Chikki to name a few.

Self-realization is the key

A GMM is not just about building a strong entrepreneurs network. It also helps entrepreneurs understand their true selves when it comes to doing business. In easy words, the participant entrepreneurs are able to realize their true potential.

During the GMM, the entrepreneurs are required to fill up a ‘self-realization’ form. Named as a ‘Fastest Finger First’, the form was primarily meant to test the attentiveness of the participant entrepreneurs. While many had already started filling up the form, few realized that there was a question mentioned at the bottom that said, ‘Don’t have to attempt any questions but just write your name and date.’

The True Agenda

The prime topic of discussion for the GMM was ‘How to recruit the right talent.’ When it comes to recruiting individuals, entrepreneurs often face hurdles. These hurdles may arise due to various factors such as shortage of funds, an inefficient human resource department, etc.

During the GMM, entrepreneurs discussed various aspects involved in recruiting the right talent. A brain-storming session was carried out followed by a presentation by one of the participants.

All possible recruitment-related queries and questions were answered. Entrepreneurs were able to understand the importance of setting up an efficient human resource department within the organization.

Case Study Discussed

At every GMM, we discuss a case study based upon which we are able to inform participants how entrepreneurs have benefited from the SPEED+ training program. The case study picked for this GMM was of ‘Team TeleSystems’, a company involved in the sales, services and installation of leading voice and data communication systems. Earlier, the company restricted itself to selling products only to the wholesalers. However, they later decided to shift their focus on the retailer segment, but were unable to do so due to lack of knowledge about the same. However, through SPEED+ training, the company was rightly able to reach out to retailers.

Team that Made This Possible

Behind the successful execution of the GMM event was our dynamic team of implementers. They ensured that every bit of it was smoothly executed and the entrepreneurs were made to feel at ease during the entire event.

So, Why You Need To Choose SPEED+?

SPEED+ is a first-of-its-kind training program, which guarantees revenue growth in writing to businessmen even before the program begins. Over the past few years, SPEED+ has helped 100s of businessmen take their business to the next level.

Soon after enrolling for the program, entrepreneurs were able to witness a tremendous growth. The program is targeted towards challenging one’s understanding of business and helping him/her achieve the desired growth by following a concrete business plan.

How Can SPEED+ Benefit You

Here’s what you get to learn when you enroll for SPEED+:

  • Building a strong leadership team within your organization.
  • Creating an effective business strategy sheet
  • Building a brand that can make a lasting impact on the minds of the customers
  • Recruiting the right talent.

…and much much more!

So, if you are someone who’s been finding it hard to get to the next level in business, SPEED+ is indeed the right program for you. Enroll and experience the growth you’ve been looking for.

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