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Digital media is the most powerful tool available today for businesses willing to reach out to their target audience.  Small businesses located in the remotest hinterlands of the country have the wherewithal to internet access. Affordable mobile data and last mile connectivity has democratized the use of digital tools to promote a business.

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This Independence Day,

break free of wrong habits in business!

Dear Friends,

The 72nd Independence day is here. 15th August is the day we chose to be free. Every year, this day reminds us that freedom, the right to exercise choice, is both a great virtue and the greatest gift.

We entrepreneurs want this same freedom in order to run our business. We want to run our business free of worries. We want freedom from activities that don’t produce results. We want the freedom to make decisions, freedom to work with the best talents, freedom to sell our products at the price we choose, freedom from fear of competition, freedom from regulators & market forces and freedom to make profits.

But this gift of freedom is earned. It calls for determination, sacrifice, and discipline. Most importantly, it necessitates overcoming our self-destructive habits. The biggest reason why we limit our growth or find ourselves always in stress is that we are not ready to quit these habits. We have been chained by our wrong habits for years and it has become our second nature. We refuse to change the way we do business.

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Sales is the backbone of any business and every salesperson will admit that sales is interesting yet tough. More so, in small businesses where the owner himself is responsible for sales or have a limited team to drive sales for the company. Again, sales is not just about generating leads and finding the right customer, it is more about closing a sale by convincing your prospective client, the grit and the determination involved and more importantly about objection handling.

What is objection handling in sales? Objection handling is the process when you as a salesperson face concerns about the product or service that you are selling and how you respond to resolve those concerns so that the deal can move to the next level. In most cases, the objections are related to price, product, and competitors. Objection handling is very important in sales because the longer the prospective buyer holds an opinion against a product, the stronger is his opinion, so it is better to resolve objections at the earliest and close the sale more effectively. We will delve into these three objections in a later blog and how best to handle them. Here, we would like to discuss certain important aspects of objection handling.

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In today’s digital age, it is critical to have an online presence for any business including an SME. If your business isn’t online, you are going to lose out on exciting growth opportunities. Despite the growing eminence of digital media, it is surprising to see that most of SME business owners don’t feel a need to have a digital presence for their businesses. If you want your SME business to sustain, let alone grow and prosper, you need to be present where your customers are – on major digital channels including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube.

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Any business, irrespective of its scale, cannot succeed in the long run if its daily sales activities are not reviewed from time-to-time. It is especially true for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Let’s first understand the meaning and importance of review in the sales department.

A review is the orderly recall of past information in summary form for its reassessment. It helps to identify and resolve the sales related challenges faced by SMEs. Suppose you are a business owner confronted by challenges in sales. Your business would immensely benefit if you understand the pivotal role of review in the sales department.

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Adopting a learning culture for your team is important to your organization’s sustainability. But too many managers still perceive training as a luxury and not as a competitive necessity. They look at training culture as a nice-to-have rather than a must-have. One of the main challenges that your organization may face while creating a learning-centric team is that it will become departmentalized and your employees will operate only within their area of expertise.

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There comes a time when every Small Medium Enterprise (SME) owner contemplates the future of his business. That’s when he realizes the need of having an unbiased view of conducting his business efficiently. It becomes a business imperative for an SME owner to hire a consultant.

A consultant follows a 2 step process to help the client’s business grow.

First, the consultant understands the client’s business in detail. He conducts an extensive research on the client’s industry, market, and competition to acquire a clear insight. After that, he analyses the current business situation.

Second, once business challenges are identified, he outlines and executes a growth strategy in consultation with the client.

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Pravin Daryani - Visionary Leader


You all know something about leadership. Through books, talks, articles, videos, theories, etc. Everywhere you will find one common idea about what leadership is about: managing teams or people. This is the core idea of leadership preached by everyone. But this idea is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. What if I say that whatever you think about leadership is half-truth?

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