Mr. Pravin Daryani, the Chairman and Managing Director of A&A Business consulting shared success formulae with 250 MSME entrepreneurs in the Convocation

Nashik, 2nd December 2018: The Chairman and Managing Director of A&A Business consulting Mr. Pravin Daryani was in Nasik on Sunday for the convocation ceremony of 250 MSME businessmen. On this occasion, he addressed 250 entrepreneurs from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

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It’s that time of the year when celebrations are about academic excellence. A&A Business Consulting marks the beginning of a new journey for SME entrepreneurs who are graduating from the SPEED programme with its grand graduation day convocation ceremony. While an exhilarating journey of business excellence, limitless learning and self-discovery draws to a close, it is a new beginning for these 250+ entrepreneurs who are now prepared to take the world with renewed optimism and are equipped to deal with business challenges.


The Taj Gateway in Nashik of Maharashtra will witness this celebration. Businessmen who are now entrepreneurs will bring out their most dynamic selves, ring in the occasion with their enthusiasm and get convocated for successfully completing their course. Let the fun and entertainment, that begins with award ceremony and ends with Dinner and DJ on the floor, be a spectacle which will reinforce the spirit of your new found business sense.


Come all entrepreneurs, join in the celebrations and make this day a memorable one. The fun awaits you!


See you at the venue.



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The year 2018 promises to end with a bang for the long-beleaguered medium, small and micro enterprises (MSME). Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a support and outreach plan to improve the profitability and viability of MSMEs in light of the recent setbacks the sector has faced. This includes a highly publicized ‘1 crore loan in 59 minutes’ promise that provides easy credit and liquidity to small enterprises.

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Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are the engines of growth that drive the global economy. They provide employment to thousands of people, bring economic independence to local communities and help achieve income parity in societies. Despite their importance in the global economy, small and medium businesses all over the world face innumerable hurdles like government apathy, unfriendly tax policies, complex regulatory guidelines and non-availability of funds.

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Business Strategy

In our last post, we highlighted the fact that the first six months of the financial year are gone and for many SMEs nothing went as planned. We thought a second post on the same must follow as this topic is very important. A year of revenue lost can never be recovered. We are not happy with many entrepreneur friends who did not plan a yearly strategy for their business, leave aside sharing and motivating teams and expecting results from them. If we have failed to plan on the numbers our business should achieve this year, we should be hurt. And then take corrective measures.

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