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In our last post, we highlighted the fact that the first six months of the financial year are gone and for many SMEs nothing went as planned. We thought a second post on the same must follow as this topic is very important. A year of revenue lost can never be recovered. We are not happy with many entrepreneur friends who did not plan a yearly strategy for their business, leave aside sharing and motivating teams and expecting results from them. If we have failed to plan on the numbers our business should achieve this year, we should be hurt. And then take corrective measures.

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The meaning of ‘Small’ in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) owners are smart. Yes, contrary to popular notions, they are smart at making money, smart at negotiations, smart at managing day-to-day business operations in a highly unorganized business set up.  They know their business like at the back of their minds.

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Ajay Thakur, Head of BSE-SME platform speaks to the entrepreneurs on IPO listing

Mumbai: A&A Business Consulting, a leading name in management consulting for SMEs organized an awareness session on SME index and financing options for small and medium enterprises(SMEs) on Thursday evening. At the opening of the program, Amit Kumar, Partner at A& A Business Consulting, addressed the gathering and shared that the main objective of the session was to make businessman aware of various ways for fund raising with special emphasis on the functioning of BSE-SME index. Kumar urged the small and medium enterprise owners to understand and prepare themselves to take benefit of the various financing options available.

Ajay Thakur, Head of BSE-SME Exchange, made the businessmen present, aware of the services of the BSE-SME Exchange. Thakur also said that during demonetization and GST application, the small and medium enterprises faced various problems; but that the businessmen were intelligent enough to cope up with the changes.

In the next three months, 21 companies from the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector are poised to be listed on the BSE’s small and medium enterprises (SME) platform. Of these, West Bengal’s MSMEs would account for nearly half the listings on the exchange. Ajay Thakur, said that such companies from certain states like Bengal have traditionally relied on bank loans, borrowings from individual lenders and own capital to fund growth or meet their working capital needs.

“This is changing now. Out of the 259 companies which are listed on the SME platform, 18 are from this state. Interestingly, two of the largest IPOs on the platform came from firms in West Bengal. They are now realizing that the IPO route is a better option than private borrowings or funding from banks”, Thakur said. The forthcoming consolidated IPO size of these 10 firms from Bengal is expected to be between Rs.1.5 billion and Rs.2 billion.

In the recent past, the BSE conducted numerous seminars on the benefits of listing and also roped in merchant bankers who directly interacted with the SMEs to make them understand how they stand to gain once listed.

“The benefits of listing range from raising funds to maintaining proper debt-equity ratio to improve balance sheet, among others,” Thakur said.

Listing also helps such small companies gain investor confidence faster owing to more transparent filing norms governed by various statutory authorities and market regulators. Also, such companies can retain talent better by offering employee stock ownership plan


5 things SMEs struggling with debt should immediately start doing!

Being a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in India is not easy. The challenges that face them are sometimes really difficult to manage. The biggest challenge is finance. Be it arranging new funds, managing working capital or speeding up account receivables, SMEs don’t have the expertise and the knowledge to make prudent use of money.   Most SMEs are debt-ridden and are clueless about how to manage the same. In this blog, A&A finance experts tell you 5 things an SME must immediately do if it’s reeling under bad debts for months and years.

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Among the major challenges that every salesperson faces in closing a sale is in managing objection handling. What is an objection?  An objection is nothing but a resistance to a sale. In most cases, as a prospect comes up with an objection, the salesperson tends to get defensive and stress more on the merits of buying the product. Many others treat it as a rejection and move to the next lead.

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Freedom to Think BIG for Business


Ramadhin Rane is a Finance Subject Matter Expert at A&A Business Consulting. His career spans 19 years in Finance & Taxation including a major stint with Kellogg India.

Last week, I was in Indore, attending a Module conducted by AABC CMD Mr. Pravin Daryani. I noticed the attendees were full of enthusiasm and, true to the town’s culture, were “progressive”. A few entrepreneurs, who were completing their two-year training, were asked to give their feedback. I list below a few answers –

1)     We have now learned to “THINK BIG”.

2)     We never knew the world outside was so “HUGE”, “LIMITLESS”. Thank God, we joined your programme.

3)     I did what nobody would have dared or even dreamt of. I started a showroom of supplying construction material in my village & now my turnover growth is 50% Y/Y.

4)     Sir, from a professional, you have made me a businessman.

5)     Most of our business processes are now streamlined, we are confident of marching ahead and taking our business to a new level.

I was tremendously happy and proud of the impact, the value-add and the difference AABC has been creating in the client’s business. My mind started ticking, what was it that we really did? What was that Big thing that made the difference? I started searching for answers.

I found my answer this morning when I had gone to drop my daughter at school. I saw the nursery kids dressed in white and with tricolor in their hand. They all looked pretty and it was a beautiful sight. Suddenly, the word “INDEPENDENCE” struck and I thought isn’t “FREEDOM” the answer to my question?

We empower the businessmen with thoughts, with ideas, with business processes, with formats to break the boundaries they confine themselves to, they limit themselves to. When these self-made boundaries, these limits, are broken, the entrepreneur is enabled to achieve what felt unachievable, undoable, unfeasible, a few days, a few months or probably a few years back.

This is true “INDEPENDENCE” and this is what we all at AABC are striving for a day in and day out. This is the real “FREEDOM”, which our SME clients really deserved and this is our contribution to our Motherland.